Wound Still Open

My wound is still open 1″. It seems to be holding steady there. I was really hoping to be discharged tomorrow from wound care but expect it’ll be a week.

I still have 3 chiropractor appointments weekly to get my back rehabbed but that shows much improvement.

A small skin irritation has turned into a full rash all over my arms and legs. I haven’t been outside or in weirder places than doctor offices in MONTHS. I haven’t changed any skin products. In 10 days the dermatologist will contact me to let me know when they can see me. It’s a mystery.

My blood pressure is down enough to start weaning off the meds (that I suspect are causing the rash as it is listed as a side effect). It’ll be a few weeks to get off.

Asher is trying out sleeping on an incline with bumpers to keep him from sliding per pediatricians recommendation and a friend’s help implementing. I’m hoping we all sleep better and that this colic passes fast!

Matt will be getting new glasses in a few weeks.

We all need sleep. And less doctor appointments.