10 Appointments

10. Our family has 10 doctor appointments this week. 8 of which are for me. This recovery process needs to end so I can get anything else in life done. Got in with the dermatologist tomorrow morning for the mystery rash since they had a cancellation.

Wound clinic did not discharge me. Instead, my wound was chemically cauterized to stop the overgrowth of deep tissue and promote the skin healing shut. I go back next week for what is left of this incision.

Asher has spit up a lot today. 4 outfits and counting. He has slept longer than 10 minutes only while I was at the doctor. I’ve gotten 15 min of work done and bailed on attending a wedding dress fitting this evening. 😫 His colic is improving slightly at night. It only takes 1 hr instead of 2 to get back to sleep. I have had about 5 hrs each night all broken up.

Now to work and figure out once again how to make supper. We’ve been blessed with meals since getting home. That has concluded.

This season will pass. I hope we all get healthy in time to enjoy any of the newborn phase.