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Archive for August 2017


33.5w. This is the point with Asher that I was admitted to the hospital and held a few days before delivery. Meanwhile this little guy is staying in for 4.5 more weeks.

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33.1 week update

Baby boy is totally healthy and growing and the doctors have a strong strategy in place for his eviction..errr…induction. I’ve got quite a few natural approaches going on too…. so let’s hope Oct 2 brings on a fast and uncomplicated delivery! Much of my to-do list is done. Most all canning projects are done, the…

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Tickle my Hair

Asher is exhausted after wedding dress shopping and lunch. He kept smacking my hand to play with his hair while he fell asleep. I often do the same exact thing to Matt. 🤣 However, Matt often just FALLS asleep with his hand in my hair, which means violent twitching… and that’s not so calming for…

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32.5 update

Wellspan Maternal Fetal Meds discharged me. Baby boy is head down, weighs 2oz more now than Asher did when he came out at 34w. They cancelled my 2x weekly no-stress tests and weekly ultrasound exams. Now I am down to just routine doctor appointments – which is so weird. I was at 3 appointments a…

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Post-Partum Food Prep

32w nesting update: after work today’s plans include mega grocery shopping to make freezer/casserole meals for after baby. Any tips on the best prices around Chambersburg to buy 25lbs of chicken breast? BJs? A few other semi-annual cleaning & organizing tasks left. Getting it done before a 4 day beach getaway. Almost there. 6 weeks…

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My preemie is suddenly a toddler. With so much effort in the first year on helping Asher reach normal milestones and skills, he never really learned how to be content playing by himself. Every waking moment he wanted attention. Until…Monday. Suddenly he is okay playing by himself while I work. He even mostly lets my…

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