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Making Blueberry Muffins

Asher helped bake blueberry muffins with lemon glosting (from Trim Healthy Mama) this morning after reading Jamberry (library book about berries). He ate half a muffin too. That’s a huge win. He usually hates the cake texture. We’re studying a unit on food as part of the Busy Toddler’s Playing Preschool curriculum.

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Trim Healthy Courtney

I’ve lost so much weight after all the consecutive pregnancies that I don’t have any shorts or pants that stay up without a belt, and my belts are all on the smallest hole. Guess I need to buy some clothes. #thm 🏃🏽‍♀️ I say this not to boast but because it’s taken a long time,…

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Monday morning before sunrise and I feel like I’ve achieved more already this week than last! ✅ Bottled elderberry (natural flu fighter and immune support) flavored kombucha for 2nd ferment ✅ Made tea for next batch of kombucha ✅ Fed my sourdough ✅ Checked on the homemade yogurt in my instant pot ✅ Made baked…

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Josh is it hot

Asher: Josh is it hot!!!! Translation – Asher pronounces Shiloh’s name in a way that sounds like “Josh”. Also, because I try to warn Asher not to touch the oven door, reach for the stove, or eat food before it has a chance to cool, he thinks all food is “HOT” and has named it…

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Post-Partum Food Prep

32w nesting update: after work today’s plans include mega grocery shopping to make freezer/casserole meals for after baby. Any tips on the best prices around Chambersburg to buy 25lbs of chicken breast? BJs? A few other semi-annual cleaning & organizing tasks left. Getting it done before a 4 day beach getaway. Almost there. 6 weeks…

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