Cowans Gap Autumn 2021

I love walking around Cowans Gap. It’s been a few years since we’ve taken the boys. We loaded up on snacks and set off for a slow 1.5 miles around the lake. We really worked on helping Asher (diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and Autism) slow down to notice. He is convinced that he…

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Garden Start 2021

photo of smiley 3 year old Siloh

It was a great weekend to get the garden started.  The boys were especially happy to help me plant all the things. We live in garden Zone 6b.  Our last frost is approximately April 23.  With that info, we reverse backwards to when we can start various seeds.  We planted seeds into trays on Saturday. …

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Train Station

We went to see model trains and read train stories. Asher remembered doing this last year, down to the cookies and where to go for story time. We haven’t been here since last Christmas. His 3 year old memory is amazing. @ Greencastle Highline Train Station

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