Garden Start 2021

photo of smiley 3 year old Siloh

It was a great weekend to get the garden started.  The boys were especially happy to help me plant all the things. We live in garden Zone 6b.  Our last frost is approximately April 23.  With that info, we reverse backwards to when we can start various seeds.  We planted seeds into trays on Saturday. …

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Tiny World 2019

We made a brief breeze through Tiny World tonight. The boys all had fun exploring things. It was a struggle for Asher to not race through it all and to help him stop whining/screaming about staying on the path and keeping hands off some displays. Still, we went. I want to still try, even anticipating…

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Stone Harbor Beach 2019

I’ve been coming to Stone Harbor, NJ almost every year since I was 10. It’s a quieter town that is great for families. We brought Asher two years ago before he could walk or talk. I was 9 months pregnant at the time. So glad that’s over. The boys slept a good portion on the…

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