Tiny World 2019

We made a brief breeze through Tiny World tonight. The boys all had fun exploring things. It was a struggle for Asher to not race through it all and to help him stop whining/screaming about staying on the path and keeping hands off some displays. Still, we went. I want to still try, even anticipating…

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Matt Rhyne’s Legacy

matt rhyne mars hill

Watching the vids Travis Kessler posted while weeping… in this spot https://youtu.be/shjrriYEFc8?t=4285  (click link to jump to specific time), Levi Landis was shared our goodbyes to Matt. Then Matt shared his goodbyes with us before moving to Lake Placid. I missed this night in person. I was away at college by then in the days before…

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Bring Your Everything

Just 2.5 weeks before WHO Koinonia Spring 2015 began, we lost our third consecutive baby. Still in our grieving phase, it was time to begin preparing for the Koinonia event. I knew because of the state we were in how very important preparation would be. Preparing My Marriage Going into a long weekend takes some…

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His Heart, Our Goal, Together We Yield to Him

His Heart Our Goal, Together We Yield

Have you ever felt left out?  Not part of the cool kids?  Forgotten or overlooked?  I’ve been there.  It wasn’t intentional, but I wasn’t on the radar of those that I wanted to have include me into their lives. At what point do I need to put myself on their radar, and at what point is…

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Whether you feel a part of the group or not is entirely your choice. No longer do we wait for others to make us feel accepted. We receive the invitation to bring all of who we are and be present in the moment. We start by accepting the identity of God in us, and by…

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WHO Koinonia: Mars Hill, Klemmer, and Adulthood

Leading up to WHO Koinonia: Preparations for WHO Koinonia were underway months before the event happened.  Hours of research, consulting experienced friends,  and setup went into making sure this monumental gathering had the biggest reach possible.   Yet days before, I was questioning if I would even be able to make it. Following our second…

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