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What in God’s name is happening to Christianity?

John Cooper, the lead singer of Skillet, shared some concerns and thoughts around a recent series of “famous Christians” falling away. His post really got me thinking on this. With well-known pastors, heads of a denomination/network of churches, worship songwriters, and musicians and more publicly announcing they are no longer ascribing Christians. Several seem to…

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Diamonds Deep Inside

There are diamonds buried deep inside.  Literally.  Scientists have recently discovered one of the more rare gems at the earth’s surface is abundant about 100 miles deep.  “Our planet is probably packed with a thousand times more diamonds than researchers previously thought.” National Geographic The catch?  We’ve never dug that deep.  It got me thinking…

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Bring Your Everything

Just 2.5 weeks before WHO Koinonia Spring 2015 began, we lost our third consecutive baby. Still in our grieving phase, it was time to begin preparing for the Koinonia event. I knew because of the state we were in how very important preparation would be. Preparing My Marriage Going into a long weekend takes some…

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Hearing God and Controlling Concrete

Hearing from God and Controlling Concreate #wcbalt

It was the end of a long day.  I had gotten up at 4:30am, gulped down several hot mugs of coffee, and took a roadtrip to Baltimore to attend a WordPress website development conference.  The day was spent in a plush auditorium with many techies furiously typing notes and code as we received invaluable information related…

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Knowing isn’t Learning

I have at times loved to do this, and at other times have struggled with knowing. Knowing isn’t about hunting for more information. Knowing is not the same as, nor does it require learning. To know is simply to have a personal experience with the matter. To learn is to acquire more information that is…

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The Anthem

I can hear the footsteps of my King I can hear His heartbeat beckoning In my darkness He has set me free And now I hear the Spirit calling me Wake up child It’s your time to shine You were born for such a time as this I can hear a holy rumbling I’ve begun…

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In the secret

I go through seasons of feeling God’s presence. Often during the biggest transitions in life come the seasons of nearness. This is one of those seasons. This moment could go on for an eternity. He sends rain to provide. The birds sing of His creation and display what He has made them to be. He…

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