Diamonds Deep Inside

There are diamonds buried deep inside.  Literally

Scientists have recently discovered one of the more rare gems at the earth’s surface is abundant about 100 miles deep. 

“Our planet is probably packed with a thousand times more diamonds than researchers previously thought.” National Geographic

The catch?  We’ve never dug that deep. 

It got me thinking about what we consider rare and precious in our lives.  We see only some small amounts of beauty shining in our lives after digging a little deeper.

But what if we could see what was really really deep?  Would we see that all the pressure we’ve endured, turning our coal into diamonds, has resulted in an abundance of beauty?  

Diamonds are among the strongest substances on Earth.  They have been formed by enduring death, decay, and then immense pressure.

So, it isn’t uncommon to have any of those things happen to create actual diamonds, or in our own lives.

Start with ordinary carbon formed life, let it decay and die.  After that, add pressure and time. 

It took volcanoes to find this beauty. That requires some activity and explosiveness.

Not only are there lots of diamonds, but they are supporting what is at the surface.  All the years of intense conditions have become the support to entire continents.

What is rare is to find such strength near the surface or to have a way of looking so deep. If we want such rare strength and to be as brilliant as these gems, we have to go through some stuff and be willing to look deep within.  

See what is really there, how that supports everyday life, and determine that even if it goes unseen… it doesn’t change what is.