Wrapping up Early Intervention

Best news possible “Asher does not qualify for Early Intervention Services, he scored too high”. Yay – he graduated!

🎓 For the first time in a year, we have no appointments for therapy services. Truly they were wonderful, but after spending the first year with nearly 2 a week, we are happy to be done! And, looking forward to finding out what it’s like to not have this for little brother.

Asher needs to work on identifying animals, making sounds like them, using crayons, being presented with choices between 2 things (like clothes, food, etc), and understanding what we ask – like are you hungry? let’s go to the kitchen (before following us in there). He needs to communicate more but is doing well in speech.

Asher wanted to celebrate a few days early by pulling down and crumpling all of the notes from his physical & occupational therapy sessions.


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