37.2w update

The doctor scheduled to induce me went into labor herself 6w early. I am no longer scheduled to be induced at all.

The doctor that saw me on Friday instead is adamant that despite being given the all clear by a specialist, that I’m too high risk for anything except a c-section. After how awful that was last year, it really is only an option for me if this boy is in breach or something of the sort. So – my 30m appointment turned into nearly 2hrs. The only way to get out of there was to agree that since the specialists at Wellspan MFM said I no longer needed no-stress tests and am not high risk, that I also don’t need to deliver during week 38.

My due date is October 14 based upon ultrasound measurements. So – who knows now how and when this boy will arrive. But – at least everything is healthy. And for now, my previous c-section, age, previous pre-eclampsia, positive GBS test, and previous septum resection (with no knowledge if any scar tissue exists) has not led to a c-section & wound vac. I really want nothing to do with that mess ever again.

In other news, I am now keeping my schedule very flexible and planning in naps!


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