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Preschool at Home

With a 2.5 and a 1.25 year old boy, it’s fun to spend all of their waking day playing. It’s the start of winter. With less sunlight and more cold than I like, we’re inside quite a bit. I still take them out for recess as much as possible, but with ample time inside, we need a little structure.

It’s still very important at these ages to have lots of free play time. However, Asher especially likes to have a little bit of directed play time. Once he learns how to do a new thing, he takes to it quite well and needs far less help. But initially, he thrives on having a short burst of directed time. So, we’re starting book 1 from The Busy Toddler.

To begin, I read through the first unit and checked out all the recommended books that my library carries. Asher loves new books. I also gathered the craft supplies and organizational drawers for keeping us on track.

So far, the boys are loving it. They are starting to really enjoy having a variety of activities. Each day I try to get in some gross motor movement, a little exercise, and some art related activity. In addition, I toss in a Bible story just before nap.

Sometimes we do an entire lesson, and other times we spread it out over extra days. This is all still new, and mixed in around our routine library storytime, music class, holidays, and more. It’s totally not a stressful or required thing for us. It’s more about stimulating their brains and bodies just enough day to day.

It takes some time to help both of them understand that they can’t crinkle or rip library book paper pages.

My current goal is to continue preschool homeschool for the next few years. I’m leaning more and more toward homeschool with some supplemental areas from online schools and a co-op, but we’ve got time to work on and think through all that.

In the meantime, this age is so fun to work with.


Courtney Robertson

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