Mark Wood – Metal Violin

Mark Wood inspiring 3 & 4th grade orchestra students – and Tammy Wilmoth & me too. 🎻
He makes and plays a 7 string violin. That’s the entire range from violin to bass.

3rd & 4th grade orchestra concert over an hour from home – for kids I don’t know? Well, also because Mark Wood was there with his 7 string fretted violin. He’s played with Trans Siberian Orchestra.

He travels to schools 8mo a year, 3-4 days a week inspiring kids. He was telling parents to feed the creative interests their kids have. If they play cello, take them to see Yo Yo Ma. I was laughing, thinking about my not yet 3yo who can name every instrument in an orchestra, asking to watch more violin videos (of Mark Wood). Were the show closer to home, I absolutely would’ve taken Asher.

Not only was the talk great for kids and their parents, but also for musicians who’ve been stuck in their creativity too.

Mark makes violins and other electric strings. I dream of one day owning a purple fretted 7 string Viper and touring the shop.

The ride was such a good chance to chat too!