Choo Choo Stories

By Courtney Robertson | February 10, 2019

Asher has been in the habit that he must play with his toy train before bed and often read his choo choo book to us. I love that he tries to read it to us. He’s very good at narrating the story.

Fixations in Sensory Processing

By Courtney Robertson | February 6, 2019

This week in sensory processing – Asher gets fixated on some things. Like library story time. The teacher brings a drum out for 1 min each week and has kids say their names while pounding out the syllables into it. After that is done, Asher is fixated on going to touch it even after the…

Sensory Processing Disorder

By Courtney Robertson | February 4, 2019

*Tantrums happen when a child is trying to get something he wants or needs.*Meltdowns occur when a child feels overwhelmed by his feelings or surroundings. I haven’t shared too much lately about Asher’s progress. We’ve resumed working with Occupational Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder. It isn’t ADHD or Autism, but some symptoms are similar…

Water Beads

By Courtney Robertson | January 26, 2019

Use just a tablespoon of beads for a quart or more of water. Let them sit 4 hrs. Put a towel down to help catch them (they bounce more than a superball) I had just a 1/4 cup in a bowl for Shiloh and held it the whole time since he wants to be involved…

Choo Choo Tracks

By Courtney Robertson | January 21, 2019


By Courtney Robertson | January 19, 2019

They love to model what we do. 😍

First Haircut

By Courtney Robertson | January 18, 2019

First professional hair cut for both boys. It was quite a lot for Asher’s sensory processing. I’ve got a few strategies for next time. The after pics were taken this morning when everyone was much happier.

Bible Story Before Nap

By Courtney Robertson | January 18, 2019

One of my favorite times of the day: moments before nap time. We use the Bible App for Kids and read and reread different stories. I’m pro-screentime with some time limits where I pick what is on the screen and interact with them while we do it together. Asher gets to pick the stories specifically but asks…

We’re a Band

By Courtney Robertson | January 15, 2019

Shovel Time

By Courtney Robertson | January 15, 2019