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Archive for September 2017

37.2w update

The doctor scheduled to induce me went into labor herself 6w early. I am no longer scheduled to be induced at all. The doctor that saw me on Friday instead is adamant that despite being given the all clear by a specialist, that I’m too high risk for anything except a c-section. After how awful…

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Wrapping up Early Intervention

Best news possible “Asher does not qualify for Early Intervention Services, he scored too high”. Yay – he graduated! 🎓 For the first time in a year, we have no appointments for therapy services. Truly they were wonderful, but after spending the first year with nearly 2 a week, we are happy to be done!…

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34.1w update

Baby boy has been in one day longer already than Asher. Just under a month to go. Matthew power washed the house, the garden is weeded, inside windows done, and the car is packed for a beach trip! Plus I did lunch with my sister for her birthday, saw extended family, and got out to…

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