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Archive for January 2018


Monday morning before sunrise and I feel like I’ve achieved more already this week than last! ✅ Bottled elderberry (natural flu fighter and immune support) flavored kombucha for 2nd ferment ✅ Made tea for next batch of kombucha ✅ Fed my sourdough ✅ Checked on the homemade yogurt in my instant pot ✅ Made baked…

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Neck Strength

Shiloh has so much neck strength and is nearly rolling over. He slept through the night 3 of the last 5 nights too. This 3 month old is almost too big for the infant carrier car seat too. 🤩

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Josh is it hot

Asher: Josh is it hot!!!! Translation – Asher pronounces Shiloh’s name in a way that sounds like “Josh”. Also, because I try to warn Asher not to touch the oven door, reach for the stove, or eat food before it has a chance to cool, he thinks all food is “HOT” and has named it…

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Asher is 18 months old

Asher is 18mo today! He loves to color, talk, and speed read his books. His favorite show is Daniel Tiger He loves giraffes. He points at them on the curtains, wall decal, sheets, and even in the picture in his book of wallpaper with giraffes on it. He was in phased watching the tiger hunt…

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