Fixations in Sensory Processing

This week in sensory processing – Asher gets fixated on some things. Like library story time. The teacher brings a drum out for 1 min each week and has kids say their names while pounding out the syllables into it.

After that is done, Asher is fixated on going to touch it even after the teacher puts it away. If it isn’t out of sight he can’t cope and the next 10 min are me walking/carrying him out of the room to settle him before we hit meltdown. He just keeps trying to reach for it.

The other 15 kids never seem so compulsive. The other parents sometimes gawk at the scene. Perhaps they are wondering why I can’t discipline Asher in such a way that he can stop. Smacks to the hand, a spank, a discussion before and after the incident, and more have all been tried without results. Even when done consistently.

My next attempt is to go to the library on some other day and see if Asher is allowed to play on that drum for a while. Other drums and percussion have been used at other times. They don’t have the allure of the teacher’s drum.

Meanwhile Shiloh is along for the ride and often repeats whatever Asher does.

I did give Asher some more freedom this week at the library. When the teacher reads the book to us Asher likes to sit at her feet, not on my lap far away in chairs. He was great with this, Shiloh was annoyed he wasn’t free to toddle after him.

After the situation descalates, I do see signs of Asher disliking this tendency. We discuss it later and he immediately puts his head on my shoulder with a big pouty sad face.

I’m open for additional suggestions to help clear this hurdle. Also, I’m eager for personal support through this. Keeping my focus in these moments is challenging.


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