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Visiting the real-life Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Family vacation week began with our first overnight trip since Shiloh was born. (Last trip was the beach before Asher could walk or talk). We picked a safe and comfortable option: spending the night with cousins. Asher vaguely remembered playing with Luke, so he was fairly excited about a sleepover there. The next morning, we…

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Fixations in Sensory Processing

This week in sensory processing – Asher gets fixated on some things. Like library story time. The teacher brings a drum out for 1 min each week and has kids say their names while pounding out the syllables into it. After that is done, Asher is fixated on going to touch it even after the…

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Sensory Processing Disorder

*Tantrums happen when a child is trying to get something he wants or needs.*Meltdowns occur when a child feels overwhelmed by his feelings or surroundings. I haven’t shared too much lately about Asher’s progress. We’ve resumed working with Occupational Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder. It isn’t ADHD or Autism, but some symptoms are similar…

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