Visiting the real-life Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Family vacation week began with our first overnight trip since Shiloh was born. (Last trip was the beach before Asher could walk or talk).

We picked a safe and comfortable option: spending the night with cousins. Asher vaguely remembered playing with Luke, so he was fairly excited about a sleepover there.

The next morning, we packed up to head to Idlewild for Daniel Tiger’s Fall Festival.

Shiloh’s one hand playing with his hair
Sleeping like my Pap – arms up
Tag team sleeping. Asher fell asleep 2 minutes before Shiloh woke up

Tickle torture with Lexi
No, Luke didn’t ride like this. But he was very eager.
On our way to see Trolley
Asher really wanted to ride the ferris wheel. The Short line was deceptively a long time. He was in tears for 15 minutes but then loved the ride
The front door to see Daniel Tiger. Matt, Shiloh, Asher, Luke
Biker gang
The 20 minute wait with a hundred other parents of toddlers was worth it. We all sang along to songs “while we wait, we can sing or imagine anything”
Luke and Asher we really eager
Shiloh was pretty chill with Daddy
Asher wanted to get off Trolley at the first stop. He was overwhelmed. The ride through the tunnel and stop at Prince Wednesday’s Castle. He pleaded to get off the ride and began to sob.
Curious to see O and Katerina
Still snuggling fiercely
Still just hanging out
Getting curious about Miss Elaina’s house
Luke was getting into it responding to the characters questions
Willing to turn around and check things out
Won over to being happy when we went to Chime Time at the clock factory with Dad Tiger
Speedy Delivery
At the Hug and Song with the Tiger family
Luke and Tara
Goodbye Tiger family
Daddy did ask the work of this train ride
Luke will sleep well. He almost didn’t finish

We came this weekend to see a love performance of Daniel Tiger. Unfortunately the plans changed to meet and greet the characters. My boys weren’t at all interested. That’s scary still for them. They had no clue what they missed. We made the 3 hr trip though for the performance. We could’ve come any other day when the park opened earlier to avoid the strain of skipping nap time. It wasn’t clear at the gate that the schedule changed. Even the signs at the normal stage by Trolley said there was a show at the big theater. But no show.

At the least, the front gate could’ve been more clear and the website and Facebook page should’ve been updated. so many parents were expressing confusion about this as well.

Sleepy Shiloh somehow ended up with both souvenir Tigey’s.
Ring the bell if you had a good day

We explored a self paced walk through Story Book nursery rhymes on our way out. The boys liked being able to walk around exploring things more. Mother Goose could tell Asher was very observant by his many questions.

Are you Worthy?
Played out

We loved the trip. The boys had so much fun with cousin Luke. We may go again before they outgrow the Daniel years. But – we’ll call ahead.

I also loved using our new collapsable wagon.  This packs into a car easily and can hold the boys, diaper bag, and all the snacks and drinks. They were able to ride in the shade as well. Shiloh has outgrown the front seat of the double stroller, so we’re down to just a jogger or umbrella stroller while Asher walks or the wagon.  We may let go of the strollers soon. 

We doubled back to pick up our pup and got home to reset for the beach in the morning.

Someone else’s video of the main event we came for
An older video when it used to be Mr. Rogers Neighborhood