The Girl Behind the Red Rope book cover laying on table

What I’m Reading: The Girl Behind the Red Rope

by Ted & Rachelle Dekker

Author Ted Dekker has captured my attention and drawn me in again. I’ve loved several of his series of books (Circle, Mystic), but haven’t read many stand-alone books yet.

In The Girl Behind the Red Rope, a very different reality exists than what we see in the Circle series. We see daily life within a Christian community far removed from reality. Most of the story is told by a young lady named grace.

In an effort to please God most, the Holy Family group has created a standard of living that exceeds what it means to be pure. Far removed from society, they have created a new set of standards focusing their efforts on how to please God rather than an awareness of the overflowing love available to them.

The Girl Behind the Red Rope book cover laying on table

Grace and her brother Jamie grow curious about if the dangers they’ve been led to believe still exist beyond their community’s perimeter. Venturing beyond the red rope for the first time in a decade confirms the truth in their beliefs. But, their lives are threatened by wraith-like spirits, the Fury. And life within Haven Valley is forever changed.

In the wake of shocking disobedience and confirmation, a man returns to Haven Valley with his 12-year-old son. Are these outsiders pure evil? Are they a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Ted Dekker’s style is often to display a connection between the story and spiritual realities. The Girl Behind the Red Rope stands as its own work but also continues to call readers to consider our own spiritual reality. What does God want for us? What have we done in our own attempts to be pleasing to God? Where have we created additional rules and qualifications on our lives? And what is our source of motivation, fear or love?

Ted has promoted his daughter’s writing before, but co-authoring this story has revealed more of each author. The story setting and characters portrayed reflect the imagination both authors bring to the book.

God is pure light. You will never find even a trace of darkness in him.

1 John 1:5

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I received an advanced copy of this book with the pre-order of the book. That means I now have a paper copy to give away. Interested takers?