Self-Care in Spiritual Disciplines

Last week was fun, but I definitely needed some time to fuel up again. Self-care looked like:🎻2 hours of violin time🛌 8hrs sleep 2 nights in a row📚reading books🍽 meal planning and cooking📝 journaling🌤 time spent in the sun I did some cleaning and work too. They didn’t leave me feeling drained. Take time to rest, recharge, and unwind.…

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What I’m Reading: The Girl Behind the Red Rope

The Girl Behind the Red Rope book cover laying on table

by Ted & Rachelle Dekker Author Ted Dekker has captured my attention and drawn me in again. I’ve loved several of his series of books (Circle, Mystic), but haven’t read many stand-alone books yet. In The Girl Behind the Red Rope, a very different reality exists than what we see in the Circle series. We…

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