Miscarriage: The Ones We Miss

3 losses. We’ve had 3 babies that we haven’t gotten to hold in our arms.  The pain of it never truly leaves. Even after successful pregnancies, the loss still lingers. The personal toll that it takes still has an impact.  It takes more than just producing another living thing to heal the heartache, physical, emotional,…

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Mother’s Day 2017

This year for Mother’s Day, I got to hold one of my babies in my arms and another inside. I still ache for the 3 we lost. That doesn’t suddenly change. Today was my fourth mother’s day…and this isn’t easy. Mama’s that have been through #miscarriage: hugs. Most years I really just want some mostly…

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How to Help, Comparisons, and Miscarriages

how to help, comparisons, and miscarriage

Yesterday I spent the day welcoming a new baby into life.  His older sister was born just 5 days before our first baby, Ezekiel, would have been born.  This little fella was born just a few months before our third, Charis Ruth, would’ve arrive.  And in-between that, we lost Johoahaz (Joe).  Three losses in 2…

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A Sigh of Relief

Baby Robertson 9w4d

Sharing the big news about Baby Robertson’s anticipated arrival was a huge leap of faith.  Having endured 2 miscarriages where the babies stopped growing at 6.5 weeks, announcing a healthy dot at 7w1d was no small thing.  In my head, thoughts lingered that both babies actually grew beyond 6.5w and began to shrink.  What if…

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Baby Robertson

January 9 2015 Pregnancy Test Postiive

1 + 1 = 3   We are thrilled to announce a 7 week old baby.  Yes, this is a very early announcement.  But it is significant because we have passed our two previous losses and believe we are now out of the troublesome time.  Here’s a recap on our baby journey. July 27 2013…

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Time Moves On

I am happy to put 2014 behind me. It was a difficult year on so many levels. While still recovering from our miscarriage in 2013, I leapt at the chance to taking on additional work with a local college. The problem here – classes were frequently cancelled the day before I was to begin but…

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Aly and Babies


Talk about the body in action with all things in common….today I had the honor of spending my time waiting for Thijs with Dax & Aly. In the middle of all that, Autumn brought us lunch. Take out soup was precisely the thing needed in the moment. Afterward Aly asked me about my babies today.…

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Seasons Change – absolute delight, terror and hope

We closed on our house June 21.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity in unpacking and planting our large garden.  We also ventured into a new season for our family. We also decided it was time to no longer prevent pregnancies…. bring on the babies!  While I’d like this story to go a different way,…

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