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Christmas 2018

Christmas morning was fun, but highly stimulating. When the boys were ready to get up, we had a light breakfast and started in to gifts.

Asher started with opening a horse stable play house. He wantted to just dive in an explore this new toy to its fullest, and found it hard to put it aside and start opening the next thing. Lesson learned for next year – have no expectations on how quickly we go from gift to gift.

Shiloh was amused with ripping paper open and shaking things.

Asher started to get a bit fussy and worked up with all the new things, so we stopped opening gifts and packed up for our next stop.

After gifts at home, we went to visit my parents about 30 minutes away. The boys needed the car ride to settle some. We started with French Toast brunch. I make the Challah loaf myself and start soaking it overnight the night before. When we got there, the griddle was hot and all I had to do was toss the slices on. My parents kept the boys amused playing with my old toys in their mostly child-proof basement.

After brunch, we started with the gifts at my parents. Again, Asher was already pretty stimulated and now had ample maple sugar to power him up. We tried to contain them to one room and keep them out of pulling on the tree, running back to the basement or upstairs, etc.

Eventually, we just stopped opening gifts and went to take a half-mile walk. This really helped Asher settle, but poor Shiloh was seeming rather cold since he refuses to wear a hat or gloves. Shiloh was on my back in the Tula Free-to-Grow carrier, and Asher had about an 8 foot radius to walk and run from me while using his toddler wrist link (okay, yes, it’s basically a leash with extra safety measures). He doesn’t really grasp yet how to stay nearby. Rather than repeatedly reminding him, we use a device to help him learn this skill.

We went back to my parents to load up and attempt getting a few family photos. You can see the results of all this mayhem below.

I’m thinking through how we might slow the pace down next year if needed. We love to give gifts, especially ones that have a slight educational twist. Books were by far the biggest gift this year, along with a few indoor ways to keep energetic boys in motion with some activities. Still, they have a threshold on what is new. Too much stimulation that day isn’t a gift for anyone.


Courtney Robertson

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